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I am a physician by profession but a self taught Python programmer. I am aiming to help others like me learn Python. This is blog is basically my way of documenting how I learn new things and overcome every day programming challenges as well as help others learn along the way.

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A Quick Intro to Test Coverage in Python

When you are a self-taught programmer, it is very easy to miss what’s the “proper” way of doing things. I had never thought of unit...

4. If Not Python, Then What?

The video tutorial for this article can be found at: In this tutorial we will learn how to use the if-else conditional statement. Along...

3. Variables: Baskets of Goodies

To watch the video demonstration/tutorial, please watch: In this tutorial, we will learn about storing...

2. Hello World!

The video for this tutorial can be found at: If you have done any tutorials regarding any...

1. Installation

The first step is installing the right tools you will need to start your python programming journey. For any programming language,...


You might wonder, why another python teaching blog? I believe python, or for that matter, any programming language is a tool more than...

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