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2. Hello World!

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

The video for this tutorial can be found at:

If you have done any tutorials regarding any programming language, usually the first ever code you learn is printing out "Hello World!". We will do the same here.

Launch Jupyter notebook as described in tutorial 1. A browser window will open, which should look something like this:

Now on the top right corner, click "New", and from the drop down, click "Python 3". A new window will open up which looks like this:

Now this is what we call a new notebook. You can rename it by clicking the top where it says "Untitled". Pay attention to the layout. The first line is where we type in our code. To run that code, you press shift+return on the keyboard. In python 3, printing an output is very simple. You can type "print('Hello World!')" and then press shift+return. You will see "Hello World!" printed out as shown in the picture below.

There you go! You just ran your line of python code!

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